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Metal can be an excellent material for roofing. When deciding what to build a roof out of, a building owner should be fully aware of the many possibilities available to them. A metal roof can provide many benefits and present a few drawbacks. A qualified Columbus Roofing contractor can answer many questions about roofing materials and help a building owner decide what is right for them and their budget.

While metal roofing is commonly associated with more industrial applications, it can also be a worthy material for many homes. Premium metals such as copper can provide a stunning gleam to a home's exterior, and top quality metal roofing panels fit well with many modern and green home designs.

Durability and resistance are the key advantages of metal roofing. It is one of the strongest and longest lasting roofing materials available. The average warranty for a metal roof is between 20 and 50 years. The roof is also fire and heat resistant, so it fits well within a cool roof design helping to cut down energy costs associated with air conditioning.

A metal roof can be very beneficial in snowy climates because it easily sheds water and snow without the need for a high roof pitch. This prevents ice dam, which can cause severe damage to the roof. Since metal is also impervious to rot and resistant to leaks, it is immune to many of the degenerative water effects that plague other types of roofs as they age.

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Installation is a key factor in deciding on a roofing material. Metal roofs are usually installed in large panels rather than the many small shingles typical of other roof types. A skilled contractor can install these panels faster than any other roof type. The less time a roof is exposed to the elements during installation or replacement the better. A few days faster installation can mean the difference between protecting the house interior from an unexpected storm or having severe water and weather damage.

Despite the many benefits, there are some critical drawbacks to metal roofing that a building owner should understand. Although metal roofs are very durable, they are subject to denting if struck by large hailstones or other heavy falling objects. They may also dent or scratch if walked on. This problem is compounded by the large panels used to make the roof. The individual shingles on other roofs are easily removed and replaced if damaged, but damage to a metal roof often requires replacing the entire panel and is much more costly.

Cost is an overall negative factor when considering a metal roof. Metal roofing costs a premium compared to most other materials. The cost is offset by the long life expectancy of the roof.

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