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A concern homeowners may have when speaking to Columbus roofing contractors about installing a metal roof is whether or not a metal roof will make the interior of their home warmer. Two things need to be considered when answering this question. They are the roofing material itself and the construction assembly for the roof.

The color and finish of metal roofing material determines the rate it absorbs heat. Metal roofing material that has been coated with a dark paint will absorb more heat than materials coated with a pale color. Metal does not absorb heat quicker than slate, ceramic or asphalt. A dark asphalt, ceramic or slate roof will heat up as fast as a metal roof that is painted the same color.

Once the sun is no longer directly hitting a roof, the roof with the least material will lose its heat the quickest. Since metal is the lightest roofing material available, it is the roofing material that also cools the fastest. When not exposed to direct sunlight, it will quickly revert to the ambient temperature. Other materials, like slate or concrete, retain heat in their mass for much longer. The longer these materials stay hot, the longer they will transfer heat to the building underneath.

Regardless of if a metal roof is covered with a light or dark finish, heat will cause a metal roof to expand as it warms and contract when it is cool.

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Most modern metal roofs have a fastening system that is designed to compensate for this movement. However, if a roof is not properly installed, the expansion and contraction motion can cause a rippling effect in the roofing material.

While the color of the roof and the material being used will have an impact on the amount of heat collected by the roof, the type of construction between the roof and the occupied rooms below play a larger role in determining the affect the heat from the roof will have on the rest of the house.

For example, if the room directly below the roof is an attic, keeping the attic properly ventilated will prevent the heat from the roof from affecting the living spaces in the home. Proper ventilation allows the attic insulation to protect the attic from accumulating heat from the roof. Greater amounts of insulation on the attic ceiling, as well as high quality insulation, will conduct less heat from the roof to the home during the summer. Less heat will also be conducted from the home to the roof during the winter.

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