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Columbus Roofing: Article About Maintaining Clay Tile Roofs

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Columbus roofing professionals have seen that tile roofs are by far one of the most durable roofing materials available. As long as the tiles were installed correctly and as long as they are good quality, a homeowner could expect a tile roof to last for more than a century. Additionally, while it is true that the initial investment in a tile roof is more costly, tile roofs' properties make them very cost effective over time.

One of the reasons why tile roofs are cost effective is because they are not affected by the elements. Moss and algae do not attack them as readily as they would an asphalt roof or a wood shake roof. Since tile is extremely durable, most roofing problems do not need to be addressed immediately. When there is a roofing problem, it is usually only a matter of replacing a few tiles, as opposed to replacing the entire roof. The most common problems that a tile roof experiences are cracked and broken tiles or debris that has accumulated in the slots.

To prevent debris from accumulating, a homeowner should make sure that trees are cut away from over the roof. This will also minimize the chances that moss and algae will grow on the roof. Installing a copper wire net along the ridge line of the home is a good defense against moss buildup, since the water that runs down the roof will first run over the copper, killing any moss or algae that begin to grow underneath.

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If debris has accumulated between the slots of the tile, this water may back up and travel underneath the tile, eventually penetrating the roof decking. It can be hard to find the source of this type of leak because tiles are installed on top of horizontally running boards. If water gets underneath the tiles, it will travel down these boards and leak in another area. This is a problem that happens frequently in the valley areas of the roof. For this reason, these areas should be cleaned annually. The Tile Roof Institute recommends that homeowners use a power washer to clean moss and algae as well as to remove debris from a roof.

Replacing broken tiles and fixing broken flashings is something that should be left up to professionals. If a homeowner is not familiar with the layout of a clay tile roof, they may find themselves accidentally breaking tiles as they attempt to repair the damaged one. Or they may install the tile inappropriately, which can lead to leaks.

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