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Some roofing companies or contractors do not have much history in the area or experience to present when they first meet a customer. However, they can still prove to be a reputable and reliable roofing provider. Other times, the inverse can be true, and a company or contractor will appear trustworthy at first but may prove to be a hassle to work with or even lose the homeowner money. Identifying untrustworthy roofing contractor behaviors is important so that every homeowner has the knowledge needed to protect themselves. Homeowners should heed the following tips and only do business with qualified, reliable Columbus roofing professionals.

One of the first signs of a low quality roofing provider is door to door selling. Today, most well established companies no longer provide door to door searches for new business and primarily rely on word of mouth and advertising. Many reputable contractors are too busy performing actual work to drive around and search for homes that may need their services. While it is not always an indicator of an untrustworthy contractor to go door to door, it should raise a red flag.

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Another red flag for roofing providers that all homeowners need to be aware of is the offering of a bid without performing an inspection. Many homeowners will assume that a roof repair contractor could use their expertise to make a bid without first inspecting a property. This, however, is a huge mistake; as any professional roofing contractor will confirm, it is entirely impossible. The cost of a roofing job is dependent upon factors that can only be discovered during an onsite inspection, so a bid created without visiting the property could potentially lead to undercharging for a job and raising prices later.

Most contractors will not ask for money upfront, or if they do, it will not exceed 20 percent of the total job costs. If a roofing provider asks for a large portion of the job costs before it has even begun, the company may not be trustworthy. Additionally, if a roofing provider lacks licensing, bonding or insurance, homeowners should look elsewhere for services. Licensing, bonding and insurance protect homeowners against shoddy workmanship, property damage, worker injury and stolen property.

If at any time a roofing provider displays any of these behaviors, there is a good chance a homeowner has something to lose. At that point, the best thing to do is contact a trusted and reviewed roofing company.

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