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A home's roof is undeniably its most important component. Without it, a home's interior would be subject to endless battery from weather and the elements. For this reason, when a roof becomes damaged, a homeowner may rush into hiring unscrupulous or fraudulent contracting that can leave them with double the bills and half the roof.

From storm chasers to unknown door to door salesmen, shoddy and fraudulent contractors frequently target vulnerable homeowners who may be too caught up in the moment to go through a proper Columbus roofing professional. That is why this article will attempt to educate every reader on, and prevent, some of the most common roofing scams.

First on the list is the disappearing down payment. A roofing provider will say that they need the down payment to buy materials to pay for labor, but oftentimes they are never heard from again once an insurance check or cash is in hand. The safest way for any homeowner to prevent being taken advantage of is to not do business with a company who will not start a project without a down payment.

Next on the list is the door to door salesman.

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Some door to door roofing salespeople, under the guise of a free roof inspection, will go onto a roof and actually fabricate storm damage or present a photo showing roof damage from a different home, claiming it came from the homeowner's roof. The best recommended advice for dealing with door to door roofing salespeople is to ask for a card or contact information and to then do some independent research before going any further.

Another common type of scammer is the storm chaser. The individuals will keep a keen ear out for Weather Bureau alerts and blanket affected areas with flyers or will even show up unannounced to a home to offer free estimates. Almost always, these substandard contractors will receive full payment for a roof that is quickly and improperly installed, leaving a homeowner with a roof that will only last another 5 to 7 years at best. They are also often uninsured and unlicensed, which creates a legal risk for homeowners as well.

In short, the easiest way to avoid being scammed by a duplicitous contractor is to always ask for proof of insurance and to validate licenses with a local building department or licensing agency. If there is any hesitance, they are not a good roofing provider and should not be used. A trustworthy roofing provider will never hesitate to provide proof of insurance and license. With this in mind, every homeowner can better protect themselves from the various sorts of roofing scams out there today.

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