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Homeowners who wish to save on energy bills will find that making a home more energy efficient is worth the effort. As any Columbus roofing contractor knows, some upgrades take some significant construction knowledge and more tools than the average homeowner is likely to have on hand. Safety is another concern when handling any major change to a structure. Without knowledge and experience contractors bring to the table, the likelihood of something going wrong is much higher. Here are some ideas that will help make a home more energy efficient. Homeowners should leave this procedures up to professionals, however.

Installing energy efficient windows and doors can greatly reduce a home's heating and cooling bills. These openings in the walls are responsible for the biggest part of a house's heat transfer with the outside. Hanging a new window or door may seem like a simple task, but a lot more goes into making it work as intended than meets the eye. The resulting efficiency in the home's ventilation will keep infrastructure problems at bay, and homeowners will not have to invest in costly home repairs in the future.

Insulation is another way to save on energy bills.

Have a question regarding residential roofing or insulation? Please ask a roofing contractor from Ohio roofing Solutions of Columbus OH.

Insulating the attic can increase the effectiveness of HVAC units by bringing the ductwork inside the building envelope. Having insulation professionally installed will ensure that air leaks around penetrations are sealed properly and reduce the risk of personal injury or property damage during the process.

Energy efficient appliances and fixtures such as toilets, showers and water heaters can cut back on the use of energy and water as well. Tankless or on demand hot water heaters are a good choice for cutting down on gas or electricity usage. These smaller units heat water rapidly when it is needed and sit idle the rest of the time. Traditional water heaters work constantly to keep a large tank of water hot.

Cool roofing is an expensive but worthwhile option if a roof replacement is already in the plans. Cool roofing consists of applying insulation below the roof covering to block heat transfer. Light colored material, usually metal or shingles, is then added to reflect more of the sun's heat back away from the house.

In addition to these renovations, performing some simple household maintenance tasks, like replacing old incandescent light bulbs with more efficient ones, can make a big difference over time. On top of any physical changes, homeowners should make an effort to use utilities sparingly and economically.

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