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Columbus Roofing: Article About Inadequate Ventilation Can Damage The Roof

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Adequate ventilation in the attic is critical for keeping the roof in good condition. Since warm air rises, without a way for it to escape, the attic becomes unbearably hot. The excessive heat will increase energy costs, but it can also adversely affect the home's insulation, roof deck and shingles.

Sometimes, older homes do not have proper ventilation. Cedar shake or shingles are placed above a frame of spaced sheathing that allows air to easily circulate between the gaps in the boards. The gap in the roof deck allows the wood shingles to dry out thus eliminating the need for an effective attic ventilation system. When these older roofs were replaced with asphalt shingles or something more appropriate for the climate, the natural ventilation that the older shingles supplied disappeared, and the home was left with no way for the hot air to leave the attic unless the homeowners had a professional Columbus roofing contractor make sure the home was reconstructed with soffit to allow a decent amount of air to enter the attic.

A good ridge vent also helps the warm air escape to the outside.

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However, many roofs were replaced without these adaptions being made because the consequences for not installing an adequate ventilation system were not yet known.

Today, professional contractors are aware of the various problems that can arise when excessive heat comes in contact with the rafters and trusses. For example, heat accelerates the aging process of wood and often weakens it to the point where the home's structure is no longer able to support the roof's weight. When the wood dries out, any areas that normally wouldn't have been affected might begin to fail.

This becomes especially problematic in the winter when faulty ventilation can cause ice dams to form along the edge of the roof. Ice dams block the water created from melting snow that normally flows into the gutter. This water backs up onto the roof's edge. If the shingles remain wet for any length of time, the moisture can slip past the shingles and begin degrading the attic structures and the insulation underneath.

The moisture inside the attic will also be attracted to cold surfaces, and the moisture can begin to degrade the wood as well as cause it to frost up. If the water damage is allowed to continue, the water will eventually start leaking through the ceiling. Once the leak is discovered, homeowners need to contact a professional roofing company right away for an evaluation.

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