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The appearance of icicles along roof edges might look pretty, but this phenomenon is often associated with ice damming. As snow accumulates on a rooftop, it can melt in uneven sections. Icy water flows to the roof's edge where the surface is suddenly cold again. This water refreezes and creates ice blockage, a scenario typically known as the ice dam phenomenon. Columbus roofing professionals must use basic maintenance techniques to keep ice damming at bay. These harmful ice dams can back up water into roof decking, causing extensive interior damage.

Ice damming prevention starts with shingle care. Contractors must verify that materials aren't over exposed and that drip edges are in place. If ice damming develops, shingles at the eaves that are outfitted with a strong drip edge can combat any water backup. Between properly layered shingles and metal drip edges, water cannot infiltrate the vulnerable decking unless ice damming is extremely severe.

Roofers venture inside the attic to look at the status of insulation. Along the attic's ceiling should be blanket or spray on insulation. This material isn't just to save on energy costs from conditioned air loss, but contributes to a uniform temperature across the roof. If hot spots cannot develop on the roof's surface, ice damming cannot begin its melting process. Contractors can quote an attic insulation project to benefit both the roof and home interior.

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All roofs have a hidden ventilation system. Contractors inspect roof ridges and soffits for adequate air flow. There are vents at both these locations, allowing air to move up the roof's structure for temperature control. Without proper ventilation, the conditions for ice dam formation can easily develop. Ventilation maintenance also increases shingle and underlayment longevity through the warmer seasons.

Snow will melt eventually, requiring a clear pathway off the rooftop. Contractors will concentrate on cleaning out gutters in the fall to reduce ice damming blockages. Even if some snow melts unevenly, clear gutters only provide a rapid passageway from the structure. Ice damming could be worsened if melted snow encounters natural debris. Ice crystals could form among the blockages, developing a major barrier to moisture. That moisture could have nowhere to go but back up the roof's surface.

Homeowners may want to remove snow entirely from the structure to ward off ice damming. Unless a major blizzard moves through an area, removing snow from the roof isn't a necessary chore. Homeowners should remain off the roof and depend on contractors to keep ice damming controlled. If removal is truly desired, roofers can always perform this service in a safe manner.

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