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Some of the most common roof leaks are caused by ice damming. This phenomenon occurs when ice forms at a roof's eave. Because water has an ice barrier impeding its travel down seamless gutters, the moisture simply backs up onto the rooftop. Removing the ice is just part of the service by Columbus roofing professionals. There are other structural issues involved that must be repaired or altered to stop damming entirely.

Contractors are normally concerned with ventilation issues along the roof's underside. Damming is caused in part by the dramatic temperature differences across the rooftop. If the roof is warmer near the peak and colder at the eave, ice damming is practically guaranteed. Roofers verify that soffit and ridge vents are open without any blockages. They'll even propose more vents if the attic air flow is lacking. With air moving freely between the eave and ridge, the entire roof surface can maintain a relatively steady temperature and combat damming.

Another structural issue affecting ice dam occurrences is attic insulation. Most attics aren't insulated at all, but adding insulation across the ceiling helps steady roof temperatures when coupled with proper ventilation. Contractors may suggest insulation across the roof ceiling and attic floor. This strategy blocks any interior air leaks between the main living area and attic, effectively maintaining the roof at a constant temperature between the ridge and eave.

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If a structure is plagued with sporadic ice damming each winter, homeowners may want to consider an ice and water shield during their next roofing project. As an addition to standard underlayment, ice and water shields are simply another waterproof layer protecting the home. If an ice dam does develop, moisture encounters shingles, underlayment and a shield before damaging the wood deck. These shields can potentially stop costly damages each winter.

Ice dams can even occur if there are gutter blockages. Water trapped at the roof's eave simply turns to ice and melts up the shingle surface, for instance. Contractors can inspect and clean all gutters almost any time of year to combat damming damage.

Reputable contractors understand the science behind ice damming. Roofers may ask the homeowners several questions about the interior, including attic use and heater type. All these basic components add up to positive and negative effects regarding ice damming possibilities. With more information from the homeowner, contractors can determine ice dam causes and may be able to prevent them from occurring again.

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