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Columbus Roofing: Article About Hot Weather's Effects On Roofing Installations

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Homeowners normally prefer a spring or summer roof installation appointment because of the good weather. There is a negative side to this nice weather, however. Hot conditions can actually make a roof installation challenging for contractors and homeowners. Columbus roofing professionals must make special arrangements during extremely hot weather to complete a project efficiently with safety as a top priority.

Although shingles are traditionally nailed down, they also have a helpful self sealing strip along their tabs. These strips only activate in warm conditions, sticking to other shingles as they prevent lifting and blow off. However, these strips can actually activate when being adjusted on the rooftop itself. Contractors will spend more time fighting the adhesive than aligning the materials correctly. A summer installation could take longer with strips sticking to almost every surface.

A rooftop may only take a few days to install under normal weather conditions, but hot days take a toll on workers. Roofers must take more breaks to stay healthy and alert on the property. Mistakes and potential injuries can occur if workers remain on the hot rooftop. Contractors could even suggest two crews for a particular job site to keep work flowing smoothly.

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Although more workers improve efficiency, labor costs could be higher as a result.

Roofers usually tear off old roofing components and start with an exposed deck. This plywood is quickly covered by underlayment. Roofing felt must be added in smooth rolls across the surface, giving shingles a perfectly flat surface for aesthetic and functional reasons. Hot days, however, make smooth underlayment surfaces almost impossible. Underlayment actually wrinkles under the heat stress, forming telegraphing streaks across the entire rooftop. Contractors must lay the underlayment and cover it quickly to combat any frustrating wrinkling.

Contractors normally walk on newly installed shingles because they're so strong. Shingles remain perfectly smooth during and after installation, but hot weather negatively affects shingles by making them too flexible. The interior asphalt actually softens and warps the shingles' shapes. If anyone steps on the shingles, the materials will be permanently bent or damaged from the person's weight and shoe shape. Contractors would have to step around these shingles during the entire installation to make the project a success.

Roofers must be diligent about hot weather installations because all materials are affected in some manner, such as deck expansion. Homeowners can observe workers by verifying their nailing technique. A quality rooftop is possible with extra attention during hot installation days.

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