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In harsh climates, it's important to start thinking about how to winterize the roof before the weather turns ugly. A maintenance plan gives homeowners time to take precautionary steps to ensure the roof won't be heading into a tornado, blizzard or into other stormy conditions unprotected. Hiring a Columbus roofing contractor to inspect the roof and correct any irregularities before damage can set in is always the first step.

It would be traumatic for homeowners if the roof started leaking in the midst of a storm, so it is usually in their best interest to seek out a dependable roofing company to do the inspection and make any necessary repairs. Most homeowners are not aware of what type of damage to look for. They also wouldn't know how to apply the specialized caulking and adhesive necessary to protect the roof and seal it properly for the winter.

Holes in the flashing can be quite small and easy for homeowners to miss. Shingles might be worn in spots, slightly curled around the edges or may otherwise begin to lose their asphalt granule coating.

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Cracks in the chimney crown might not be visible from the ground, and what appears to be dark stains or dirt scattered across the roof might actually be mold. The gutters also need to be in good condition to handle the amount of water that drains from the roof during a storm.

Once the roof has been inspected by a professional, repaired and sealed properly, the family also needs to consider how they are going to remove the snow from the roof. While a roof collapsing from the weight of a single snowstorm isn't likely, and a roof rake can be used to clear the roof quickly, ice dams from inadequate insulation and large amounts of water freezing in the gutters can have disastrous effects. If homeowners do not know how to use a roof rake, they can also tear the shingles.

Since ice expands upon freezing, it can cause the gutters to burst at the seams. When clogged, water can also back up unto the roof and begin to wear down the roof's edge. To avoid that type of damage, homeowners can hire their local roofing company to come out after a major storm and clear the snow off the roof. Ice dams cannot form without snow and getting rid of the snow as quickly as possible will also help to prevent the roof from leaking.

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