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Though many know cleaning their gutters is something they should do regularly, very few people actually enjoy the task. It usually involves getting out a ladder and spending long hours pulling trash, bird nests and other debris out of the gutters. One of the best ways to protect gutters and cut back on the amount of time those gutters need cleaning is with gutter guards. These guards go a long way towards keeping trash and debris out of both the gutters and the downspouts. Columbus roofing companies often work with the top manufacturers of these guards and can help homeowners learn more about the different types before scheduling an appointment to install the guards.

Mesh gutter guards are just one type available today. Made from a piece of mesh, these guards feature numerous little holes on the surface that prevent larger pieces of debris from getting into the gutters. Roofers typically place the gutters on the last course of shingles, drape the mesh over the gutters and secure the mesh in place. Another type of guard is a reverse curve guard.

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These guards feature a unique design that allows water to keep moving down the roof and into the gutters while pushing leaves and other debris away from the gutters.

Some homeowners may prefer using bottle brush gutter guards that feature a series of bottle brushes or bristles that sit inside the gutters. The design allows water to move smoothly through the gutters, but the bristles grab any debris that passes through. There are also guards made from nylon and foam. Foam designs fit inside gutters and do a good job of preventing clogs. Nylon designs are great for use in colder climates. These guards can actually block ice and snow from falling inside the gutters. Though the guards do allow melting ice to move through the gutter and into the downspout, the guards do a good job of pushing larger pieces of ice away from the gutters.

Homeowners may want to consider the differences between a guard and a screen. A screen simply fits on top of the gutter, while a guard sits inside the gutter. Both guards and screens will require some routine cleaning, especially as the debris builds up, but both will prevent clogs and blockages from forming. A reputable roofing company in the Columbus area can help homeowners select from the different types of screens and guards and install the product they choose on their gutters.

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