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A full roof replacement is an investment that homeowners must plan for at least once in their lives. This process has specific steps to verify all structural components are in good shape for the brand new materials that will be applied. In many cases, these areas will only be thoroughly inspected a handful of times over the structure's entire lifespan. When Columbus roofing professionals take on a full roof replacement project, homeowners should know the basic steps workers follow for a quality installation.

Contractors don't automatically take a roof off the moment they step on a property. They'll first use their observation skills to verify any obvious problems. Roofers walk on the shingled surface, noting any low lying areas, bad flashing or missing materials. This information is crucial when determining structural stability for the new installation. A low lying area might indicate that roof decking is warping or decaying, for example.

Contractors proceed to pull all materials off the roof. If bad weather is threatening an area, workers may only reveal partial roof sections to allow for easy tarp coverage. All shingles and underlayment are stripped from the structure to display the roof deck. Those discarded materials can be recycled or thrown out as necessary.

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At least one large dumpster is necessary to hold all discarded items.

The roof deck typically consists of plywood nailed to rafters, making it the base for all materials. This plywood must last for decades, so roofers inspect it carefully, as it will be a long time before the roof deck is similarly exposed. Any bad areas must be replaced with new wood. Roofers take considerable time during this replacement process to create a firm base for all heavy materials. A brand new installation could have its warranty voided by the manufacturer if the decking isn't in prime condition.

After the decking is verified for stability, brand new materials are added to it. An ice and water barrier and traditional underlayment are normally added to structures in areas with snowy conditions. Shingles fasten above these layers for superior protection from the elements. Full roof replacements take time, but they offer decades of leak protection for the entire household.

Homeowners may be unfamiliar with certain tools and installation materials, such as angled fasteners. Speak to the onsite manager at the end of any workday to have specific questions answered. Homeowners should be receiving daily updates from this manager, making a question and answer period part of the exchange. When homeowners understand basic installation details, they'll know what to expect during a project.

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