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Fall is usually an ideal time of the year to inspect a roof for damage before the winter weather sets in. Columbus roofing companies advise examining three key elements of a roof system in order to prevent damage over the harsh Midwestern winter and the torrential spring rains.

First, a homeowner should take the time to examine the ceilings in all rooms of the top story of his or her home. Sometimes, the first indication that there is a problem with the roof is water damage to a wall or ceiling. He or she should take the time to examine the corners closely. If there is an attic, the homeowner should shine a flashlight inside and check for wet insulation or obvious moisture damage such as mold or mildew. Sometimes the leak is easy to identify and fix, but the best option might be calling a professional. Finding the problem is the first step to preventing further damage.

Next in line for scrutiny are the gutters. Gutters should be empty of debris and allow water to flow freely through them. There should be no space between the gutter and the exterior wall.

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If daylight can be seen between and gutter and the wall while the homeowner looks up from standing underneath the gutter, gutters should be reseated and resealed. This is something that a homeowner can do on his or her own, or a professional can be hired to quickly fix the problem. Gutters that are not installed properly cannot protect a home from water damage.

Finally, a homeowner should take the time to really examine his or her roof. He or she should look for missing or damaged shingles. These shingles should be replaced either by the homeowner or by a trusted professional. Any gap in shingling allows water to seep underneath the first layer of defense. The homeowner should also look for any gaps along the sides of roof vents or chimneys. Any place there is a gap should warrant immediate attention. After water as entered the home, it can do vast amounts of damage to underlying structures. If more than 15 percent of shingles look to be crumbling or missing, it might be time for a new roof. Contact a reliable roofer for an expert opinion and an estimate.

Fall roof inspection can save a homeowner a lot of headaches and cost down the road. Finding and fixing problems early is much easier than having to manage a remodel in the long term. This is an easy "do it yourself" project for a lazy Saturday, or a professional can quickly assess and recommend different fixes.

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