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Most homeowners are savvy enough when it comes to identifying unscrupulous home maintenance contractors; however, all individuals can fall subject to a convincing trick from time to time. This especially applies to fly by night contractors who make offers that usually sound too good to be true. Contractors will appear at a homeowner's door offering what, at the time, sounds like a fair deal. Instead of a trustworthy Columbus roofing professional, a homeowner may enter into business with a counterfeit contractor and be none the wiser.

The way these individuals operate is to target an area with a large number of older homes or where a major storm has just recently hit. They, like any reputable roofing contractor, will offer a free inspection. This initial evaluation can actually turn out to be a false inspection, and these contractors will then purposefully fabricate damage to a roof to mimic storm damage or present a picture of an entirely separate roof with damage while claiming that it is the homeowner's.

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Situations have occurred where such "roofers" have torn off shingles or struck a roof with a hammer to simulate wind or hail damage, and doing this almost always guarantees a sale if a roof's condition wouldn't have warranted insurance coverage beforehand. If an insurance company denies a claim, a counterfeit contractor cannot get paid, so making sure a roof has damage is in a false contractor's best interest.

Avoiding such types of individuals is tantamount to protecting homeowners' financial interests, and spotting them is usually simple enough. For starters, the safest way for any homeowner to tell if they are completely legitimate is to make a simple request for proof of insurance and license. Any reputable roofing provider can easily prove they are in possession of a roofing license as well as insurance to protect themselves, their workers and a homeowner's property. Additionally, most reputable and established roofing companies no longer rely on door to door salesmanship. Therefore, while going door to door may not be an immediate indicator of an untrustworthy contractor, it should be a first red flag.

No matter who the roofing provider is, all homeowners should always perform their own background check to protect themselves from an added claim on an insurance record, an affected ability to make future claims or not being able to renew coverage. A few simple verifications in a half an hour's time can save thousands of dollars in the long run.

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