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Impact from hail, stones or an accidental baseball can leave windows shattered or severely cracked. When this occurs, it is not always necessary to call a Columbus roofing or window specialist to initiate repairs. For home repair enthusiasts, glazing a window pane can be a simple and satisfying project when following these steps.

The first step is to remove the old putty. To begin glazing the window, the sash must be removed to expose the old putty. A 1.5 inch putty knife that is flexible and clean should be used to loosen large chunks of the original glazing compound. Difficult to remove pieces can be warmed with a heat gun to help loosen them up. This lowers the risk of breaking the window by scraping too hard.

The next step is to set the glass. If a piece of broken glass is being replaced, it must be measured to make sure that it is 1/8 inch less that the dimensions of the frame opening. After the new or existing piece of glass is set, a thin layer of glazing is to be applied press the glass pressed into it. Next, glazier's points are placed at 8 inch intervals and pressed into the frame. Finally, the points are used to secure the glass.

To reglaze, the edges of the glass need to be covered with fresh glazing compound. There should not be any holes or cracks left. A putty knife is used to spread the compound.

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For one or two small panes, one half to one pint of the compound is required. If it is cold or stiff, a heat gun should be placed near the bottom of the can for about 20 seconds to warm it. Once it is spread, a putty knife dipped in mineral spirits can be used to smooth the compound out. The excess is scraped with the corner knife along the, being careful not to touch the smoothed putty.

The final step is to paint. Painting the new glazing is an optional final step that can add a polished, professional look to the finished product. The glaze needs at least one week to cure before being painted. In the meantime, the window should be replaced. A few days should be allowed for the glaze to harden before the window's surface is cleaned.

When the glaze has cured, an oil based primer can be carefully applied. If glazed with epoxy consolidant, no primer is required. Once the primer is dry, the glaze gets a coat of a paint. The paint should lap the glass by at least 1/16 of an inch. It may be helpful to paint very close to the glass, then to wipe off the excess paint immediately. The glass and the paint have to overlap to preserve the seal and extend the life of the glazing.

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