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Sinking foundation walls and cracked basement walls are serious complications that can be prevented with one simple maintenance practice: cleaning the gutters. It is always a good practice to have a Columbus roofing professional occasionally inspect the gutters. However, there are a few simple steps that a homeowner can perform to keep their gutters clean, well maintained, and operating at maximum efficiency.

When gutters and downspouts get clogged with debris, they become backed up, forcing rainwater to spill out and pool around the house's foundation. This can be avoided by cleaning the gutters twice per year: once in the spring and once in the fall.

To clean the gutters, homeowners should climb a sturdy ladder and use a garden trowel to scoop out dirt, leaves, sticks, stones, and other debris. A partner can hand a garden hose to the person doing the cleaning so that they can use it to flush out any remaining debris. A high pressure nozzle should be used to direct the spray towards the drain spouts.

Once the length of the gutters is clean, the homeowner should address the drain spouts. A plumber's snake can be used to remove particularly stubborn obstructions.

Adjusting the slope of the downspout is helpful for promoting efficient drainage and for discouraging rust. If the rain gutters are draining too slowly, they may need their slope adjusted.

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To clean them, a homeowner should run water through the downspouts to check for drainage speed. If it is sluggish, they can rearrange the gutters to slope towards the downspout. In order to do this, the gutter pegs located on the sides and corners need to be removed, and the drip edge and gutter should be loosened with a crowbar. Finally, the gutters should be lowered to a new angle. The slope should be 1/4 of an inch for every 10 feet.

Having gutters and downspouts that are in good shape helps extend the life of the roof drainage system. The downspouts should occasionally be checked for rust, flaking, and leaks. If there is severe rust or flaking in steel gutters, it is more beneficial to have them replaced than to try to fix them. If any leaks are detected, a silicone sealant can be used to repair them.

The downspouts need to be tight and secure against the fascia boards. As for the fascia boards, the homeowner should check to make sure that there is no damage from dry rot or anything else. A damaged fascia board can be replaced with wood preservative treated lumber that matches the finish of the surrounding fascia boards.

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