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Many homeowners know that there are a number of roofing material options available on the market, and one of these options are metal roofs. Though there are a number of metal roofs available, copper is an unusual option that is growing in popularity, especially among homeowners who want their home to stand out from the crowd. There are Columbus roofing companies that suggest copper for their customers, but it is important that customers know a bit about it before making the choice.

One of the first things a customer should know about copper roofs is that they change color over time. When copper is installed, it is usually a reddish orange color, but, over time, it develops a patina. This new layer is greenish in color, and most people love this natural change that contributes to an old fashioned look.

Homeowners also may prefer copper for its eco friendly properties and ability to be recycled. Copper is also lightweight, which means it can be put on most homes, and it can last for more than 100 years. Copper doesn't crack, either, and it can hold up to rough conditions, unlike other roofing materials.

There are two types of copper roofs available, sheeting and shingles.

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Copper sheets are often applied to residential homes, and these plates are held in place by fasteners, such as nails, screws or cleats. The issue with sheets is that there are seams, which can leak. These seams must be sealed against water to prevent leaks. Copper shingles are usually more cost effective than sheeting, and these shingles are typically used with underpans and underlayments. Both shingles and sheets come in decorative styles with intricate designs or shapes.

For homeowners who may want a more affordable option, there are also composite shingles on the market. These shingles are made of other materials, such as fiberglass, and are topped with a layer of copper foil. Though these tiles look remarkably like copper shingles, they don't last as long and are not as durable. Another more affordable option can be the installation of copper shingles that go over asphalt shingles, or, if a homeowner really prefers the look of copper, it is possible to use them as decorative accents, and choose another material for the main roof.

To keep copper roofing material in good shape, a homeowner must clean and care for it periodically. A gentle cleaner must be used, as harsh chemicals can damage the surface. In most cases, however, copper roofs are low maintenance and durable. Since these roofs are unusual, it is important that a homeowner work with a company that has experience.

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