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Columbus Roofing: Article About Cool Roof Function and Practicality

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Starting back as early as ancient Greece, white painted roofs have been a popular option for keeping roofs and buildings cool by reflecting a greater amount of infrared radiation away from a building. A lightly colored roof can help deflect the sun's rays and keep a building keep cool. Today, those practices continue, but in new ways that utilize new advancements and discoveries in science to better serve the needs of modern day homeowners. While standard dark roofs under high heat conditions may reach temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit, a cool roof under the same conditions could stay more than 50 degrees cooler.

As any Columbus roofing professional can confirm, cool roofs have numerous benefits for homeowners that make them a desirable roofing option. Some of those benefits include reduced energy bills as a result of reduced air conditioning needs, a decreased roof temperature which can lower roof stress and possibly extend roof life and an improved indoor comfort level in areas without air conditioning. Cool roofs also provide environmental benefits on a communal and global level as well, especially when numerous buildings are fitted with them on a large scale.

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Cool roofs can also lower air temperatures, oftentimes called the urban heat island effect, and they even have the ability to reduce power plant emissions by reducing cooling energy use in buildings.

In addition to utility and environmental benefits, cool roofs can typically and conveniently be retrofitted to most existing roof structures without the need for total replacement, though total replacement is occasionally the only option for some cool roof installations. Low sloped roofs can have single ply membranes, built up roofs, modified bitumen sheet membranes and spray polyurethane foam roofs can be retrofitted in numerous ways to make them more reflective. Shingle and tile on steep sloped roofs can also be retrofitted for greater heat reflectivity. Lastly, metal on low and steep sloped roofs can be retrofitted with paint to increase solar and thermal deflection.

These benefits contribute to cool roofs' increasing popularity. The final consideration of anyone thinking about having a cool roof installed should be whether the savings will justify the initial costs. Cool roofs do not typically cost more than a standard roof, especially if it is a new roof or a replacement. The real costs are incurred when converting a standard roof in good condition to a newly functioning cool roof. After this final consideration, any homeowner will be equipped with the basic knowledge to talk to their roofing professional about a cool roof installation.

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