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Columbus Roofing: Article About Considering Roof Snow Removal

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When a structure is first designed and built, engineers take into consideration almost all possible weather events. If an area is prone to snow, the roof will be formed with enough strength to hold the weight. However, intense storms over many days or weeks could prompt homeowners to contact Columbus roofing professionals for removal services. Proper rooftop snow removal keeps everyone safe during the process while solving several potential problems at the roof level.

Generally, contractors won't service any rooftop on an extreme weather day. They'll wait until skies are clear to visit the property. With no snow actively falling, roofers can survey the structure for any initial problems. Excessive snow weight can place strain on rooftop weak points, so contractors visually inspect the surface from the ground first. Safety at the job site should be a top priority for any reputable contractor.

The main reason to remove snow is its excessive volume. There could be several feet of snow on just one square foot of rooftop. Most roofs can support several inches of snow, but multiple ice and snow layers can become dangerous to structural stability. Contractors clear the snow using rakes and other tools as they carefully reveal the shingles below. Quality contractors know how to wield their tools to avoid any damages on the cold rooftop.

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Another reason to remove snow is preventing potential ice damming. Homeowners may have updated or serviced their rooftop ventilation during the warmer months, but ice damming could still be an issue. Snow melting at roof ridges and reforming into ice at the eaves can severely damage the structure with leaks entering under shingles. Removing the snow with expert hands stops the ice damming process before it can begin.

Contractors don't arrive at the snow removal project and simply heave the material off the roof. The surrounding perimeter must be evaluated to remove any items that can be damaged. Sculptures, chairs and other objects must be moved out of the area, allowing professionals to push snow off the roof edge and onto the ground. Reputable contractors want a safe job site for both workers and residents.

To avoid major damages during the snowy season, homeowners should contact roofers for basic maintenance appointments. Professionals verify all structural components, including the substrate, so wintertime is faced with a stable property. Any wood decay or missing materials can be repaired in the spring, summer and fall to shore up the structure for the cold of winter.

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