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As homeowners strive for energy efficient, comfortable, well lit houses, many are considering and agreeing with the advantages of installing skylights throughout their homes. Whether skylights are installed as part of a new build or in conjunction with a home remodel, their benefits are worth researching. To ensure a proper fit and installation, a homeowner should always consult a Columbus roofing professional when investigating, purchasing, and using skylights of any kind in their home.

The most traditional skylight is a fixed window in the ceiling. This type if skylight is called fixed because it does not open or vent. This skylight lets the sun shine into any room with a window to the outside. Two types of fixed skylights are the deck mount and the curb mount. A deck mount is installed with flashing that goes under the roofing material. This type is popular with new homes or new roofs; because it is installed before the new exterior roof is assembled.

The second type of nonventing skylight is the curb mount, and it offers more flexibility than the deck mount. This is popular as an add on to the existing roof. In addition to being suitable for tile and metal roofs, the curb mount skylight can be installed on a flat or low slope roof.

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While the deck mount typically requires at least a 3.5:12 roof pitch, the curb of a skylight can be built to create the appropriate slope needed for a skylight. The nonventing, curb mount skylight is among the least expensive and easiest to install options on the market, so it is very popular with homeowners who want to increase their home's access to natural light.

Another option available to homeowners is a dome shaped skylight. These are generally made of acrylic, not glass. A curb mount skylight can be finished off with a domed acrylic window instead of the traditional flat glass window. Round, domed skylights are another choice that homeowners consider. Some believe that the domed covering looks better on their home. The rounded surface also facilitates the runoff of rain water and melted snow.

As homeowners look for ways to improve their homes and the sustainability of their lifestyles, many are considering the advantages of adding skylights. As technology, materials, and installation methods have improved, skylights have proved to be an inexpensive way to cut back on lighting costs by enhancing healthy, natural sunlight to many rooms of the house.

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