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While every roof features different styles and materials, and every homeowner might experience a different set of dilemmas with their roofs, there are a few common questions that Columbus roofing experts are asked on a regular basis. One of the most popular questions is whether the roof is in need of repair or replacement whenever damage occurs to it, which can determine the difference between a job that involves a quick, often inexpensive fix, or a job that might take far longer and require a higher financial investment.

Roofing contractors must factor several different things when answering this question correctly, such as how close the roof is to reaching its estimated lifespan, and how extensive the existing damage to it is. Contractors will examine several different components in order to assess whether a repair or a complete replacement is necessary, including the state of the shingles, whether water has penetrated through to the roof deck or not, and what overall shape the soffit, rafters, fascia board, and other materials are in. The easiest way to avoid a complete replacement is for homeowners to have a professional roofing contractor conduct a thorough inspection on a regular basis.

Many homeowners inquire about which type of roofing materials they should choose. The answer depends on personal preference, the target budget the homeowner wishes to set, and the local climate. Asphalt shingles are the most commonly installed roofing material due to their inexpensive cost.

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However, asphalt shingles do not tend to last as long as other types of shingles, and they do not provide maximum protection against the elements. Their estimated lifespan is 20 to 30 years.

Some of the most durable types of roofing materials are slate, tile, and metal. While they might cost even up to two times as much as asphalt shingles, they often feature longer life spans, and they offer more sufficient protection from inclement weather patterns. Slate roofing tiles can even last over a century, as long as they are properly installed. Whenever homeowners are assessing which shingles might be most ideal for them, they should also factor how well each material resists fire and rotting. Homeowners should consider whether their homeowner's association would approve of the material they are most interested in installing as well.

Another common question among homeowners is how long it could take to replace their roof. Most residential projects can be completed within only a few days, but larger, more extensive projects could last for months. The length of time it takes to replace a roof largely depends on the general layout of the home, the materials that will be installed, and how intricate the roofing system is. Typically, more expensive roofing materials involve a more complex installation process, which will directly influence the cost of labor as well.

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