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Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice when it comes to roofing materials. They're functional, beautiful, and affordable. In most cases, a new roof made from asphalt shingles will last more than 20 years, but proper maintenance can really help extend the life. Asking a professional Columbus roofing company to take care of this maintenance is a smart idea, but homeowners can also educate themselves on the types of things to keep an eye on.

Everyone want to keep their roof looking its best, but most roofs don't require extensive cleaning. In some cases, moss or algae can grow on the roof, and that can be treated by chemicals or by having a contractor install special flashing. Most importantly, it's not a good idea to scrape, scrub, or power wash the roof. Doing so can cause the asphalt granules to come off and make the shingles fail prematurely. It can also potentially void the warranty. If the roof really does need to be cleaned, consider hiring professionals who will treat it with the necessary care.

Proper water runoff is essential to the health of the asphalt shingles. The homeowner should periodically clean the gutters or pay a professional to do so.

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When there's a blockage, water can back up and start to damage the roof. It's especially important to check the gutters in the fall, when leaves are more likely to collect on the roof. However, someone who has a large evergreen tree close to the roof can have pine needles in the gutter throughout the year.

Homeowners should keep an eye out for potential damage to the shingles. Noticing a loose or damaged shingle early means that it's easy to get it fixed promptly to prevent even more damage. A quick visual scan once a month is a good way to detect these types of problems.

Of course, not all problems with the roof are easily seen to the naked eye. Problems such as a weak spot in the sheathing or a slow leak into the attic may not show up until it's too late. That's why it's a good idea to ask a roofing company to perform an annual inspection. Professionals know the less obvious things to look for.

In general, a roof with asphalt shingles doesn't require a lot of special maintenance. However, homeowners do need to be aware of any potential problems that can occur and take the time to make repairs when necessary. Catching things early on usually prevents a lot of headaches.

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