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The UV rays of the sun are among the biggest natural enemies of roofs. Over time, they can cause the roof coverings to deteriorate, costing homeowners in the long run. Thankfully, homeowners can combat UV damage by hiring Columbus roofing professionals to cover their roofs with an aluminum coating.

An aluminum coating is a mixture that can be applied to both sloped and flat roofs. The purpose of this coating is to add durability and strength to an existing roof. However, before an aluminum coating can be applied, the roof has to be cleaned and any existing cracks have to be patched. Homeowners should hire professionals to perform inspections of their roofs prior to making a decision to cover the roofs with an aluminum coating. The professionals should also be able to inform the homeowners if they have any old coatings on their roofs that have to be removed first.

When choosing an aluminum coating for a roof, there are two major types that are available: non fiber and fiber. Both types contain solvents, oxidized asphalt and aluminum paste. As the names suggest, the only difference between the two coatings is the presence of fibers. These fibers help the aluminum coating bond to roofing materials that might have otherwise been difficult to adhere to.

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Roofing experts can inform homeowners of what aluminum coating is the best fit for their roofing needs.

Just like with any roofing material, the quality of the paste itself depends on the manufacturer. While this doesn't always mean that the most expensive aluminum coating is the best, homeowners should keep in mind that coatings with higher amounts of aluminum tend to last longer. When trying to save money, aluminum is one of the first things that manufacturers cut back on.

Since applying an aluminum coating requires work on the roof, it's best if homeowners leave this work to the professionals. The application process involves applying the aluminum coating on the roof with a soft bristled brush or broom. Each aluminum coating product has slightly different application recommendations from the manufacturer. However, these instructions typically involve stroking the applied surface in the same direction and keeping the coating of aluminum the same across the entire roof. Failure to keep the aluminum coating uniform across the entire surface can lead to drainage problems.

While there are many benefits for using an aluminum coating, one of the biggest is that the bonding between the roof and the aluminum pigment increases the resistance of the roof to moisture. The pigment also reflects the sun's rays, which keeps the home cooler during the summer. Homeowners whose houses are exposed to sunlight will notice a drop in their energy bills after applying a coat of aluminum pigment.

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